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CALEMATIC® Truck Chock

Unloading your delivery trucks is a risky work procedure step. The near-impossible communication between a forklift operator and driver can lead to multiple accidents impacting on your staff, equipment and products. With the CALEMATIC® wheel blocker, you’ll ensure your logistics platform security for more efficient work.

Why use a CALEMATIC® wheel blocker?

A truck chock recommended by CARSAT (French national pension and occupational health insurance fund)

Employee safety is always a company’s key priority. The dangers incurred by forklift operators during transhipment operations are major and need to be taken into account when setting up or renovating transhipment docks.

With its ED 6059 recommendation, CARSAT, the French national pension and occupational health insurance fund, advises implementing a truck immobilisation system for loading and unloading in order to avoid the risk of falls.

A wheel blocker that can be adapted to all environments

The Calematic® truck chock is a very robust universal chocking system that ensures the safety of the dock area and personnel. It prevents untimely truck departure.

No human intervention is needed to operate it, and it causes no damage to trailers.

In all weathers and even on crowded docks, Calematic® has the advantage of adapting to any dock environment:

  • Narrow centre distance between docks
  • Existing wheel guides

Because of its design, the Calematic® is very easy to maintain, simplifying work for your teams.

In addition, our wheel blocker system is environmentally friendly because it works with compressed air, avoiding any risk of oil loss.

Calematic en cours de sécurisation Norsud
Porte sectionnelle calematic et bordure beton Norsud

How does the Calematic® truck chock work?

The Calematic® truck chock is controlled by the forklift operator to avoid any misunderstanding between him and the driver. The system does not increase unloading time or modify dockside manoeuvres.

Here are the 5 steps for using the Calematic® wheel blocker:

  1. The heavy vehicle arrives at the dock and positions itself correctly in the parking area.
  2. The forklift operator opens the sectional door or barrier, causing the chocks to rise. The system is automatic.

→ The truck is then docked.

  1. Once the chocks have been lifted, the forklift operator is authorised to put the dock leveller in place.

→ Transhipment can be safely carried out without risk of the vehicle’s untimely departure or rolling. As long as the truck chocks are activated, the truck cannot move.

  1. When the loading/unloading operation is complete, the forklift operator can place the dock leveller in neutral position.
  2. The operator then closes the sectional door or barrier, unlocking and clearing the chocks.

→ The truck is now allowed to leave.

Good to know: In order to choose between a double or single truck chock, determine your vehicle type: 1- to 3-axle semi-trailers, straight trucks, van trailers, container ships, etc. The Calematic® system adapts to all your needs.

Our complementary solutions for logistics platform security

To complement our docked truck chocking system, opt for the following additional solutions to make your procedures even safer and easier for your employees to manoeuvre.

Truck chock mechanical control kit

The Calematic® wheel blocker mechanical control kit controls the chocks via a panel that activates the air distributor when the sectional door is opened or closed. This system is not suitable for manual sectional doors or the intensive use of doors.

The air distributor is positioned on the rail or at the door head. The panel is attached to the door apron.

Wheel blocker signal lights

The signal light further improves communication between the forklift operator and the driver. When the wheel blocker is operational, the light is red. The driver knows that the manoeuvre is not complete.

When the forklift operator deactivates the truck chock, the light turns green. Without having to talk to the driver, the driver understands that they can leave safely.

Concrete wheel guide to ensure logistics platform security

The wheel guidance system makes it easier for the driver to manoeuvre when parking. They know exactly how to position the truck so that the wheels are perfectly placed in relation to the Calematic® wheel blocker.

The wheel guide is required for Calematic® double chocks.



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