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System for chocking trucks

During the loading and unloading phase, the risk of the fork-lift truck falling is very common.

There are two main causes:

  • Unexpected departure
  • Progressive movement of the dockside trucks.


The Calematic is a system for chocking trucks:

  • Universal
  • Fully automatic
  • Buried in the ground, without the risk of damaging the trailers
  • Sturdy and reliable, very low maintenance costs
  • Adaptable to the environment of all docks
Calematic en cours de sécurisation Norsud
Porte sectionnelle calematic et bordure beton Norsud

The Calematic® Standard Operation Mode

1. Reversing the truck
2. The chocks rise automatically when the sectional gate or barrier is opened.
3. Once the chocks have lifted, the operator is allowed to set up the dock leveller to perform the transhipment operations.
4. At the end of these operations, the operator can put the dock leveller to the starting position.
5. When the sectional gate or the barrier * closes, the chocks are unblocked. The truck is then allowed to leave.1.

* Other types of servo-control systems are possible if specifically requested.

The exchange of information between the warehouse and the dock is done via signal lights.



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