Docking and transhipment operations pose a high risk to people and equipment, as previously identified by safety agencies. Our transhipment dock safety range meets the requirements of the industrial and logistics sectors, ensuring the safety of these delicate operations.

Transhipment dock safety: what are the risks?

During the unloading and loading phases, the main risks are related to interactions between vehicles and staff on the ground or inside warehouses. They can also be caused by inadequate safeguarding of dock machinery. Several types of incident may occur:

  • Risk of crushing or collision
  • Risk of falls involving people or handling equipment when trucks are not blocked in place
  • Tipping up of uncoupled trailers during loading operations

Norsud offers a complete range for all your operations to ensure the safety of people and buildings.

Our solutions for protecting people and facilities

There is a high risk of falls if trucks depart in an untimely manner. The truck chock is a simple solution that is quick and easy to implement.

For truck chocking, Norsud offers:

To prevent the risk of trailer tipping:

  • Trailer prop stand
  • Safety trestles

The swing barrier secures dock access between each transhipment operation, while traffic lights guarantee safe manoeuvring.

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